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Contracts are an essential part of our daily lives — more so than most people recognize. When a party to a business deal, a sale of goods, an employment agreement, or any other agreement fails to perform as he or she promised, the other party may bring a breach of contract lawsuit to enforce the agreement or receive compensation for the breach.

At Eldridge & Nagy, PLC, a civil litigation firm serving clients in Harrisonburg and the surrounding Virginia communities, we advocate on behalf of clients facing contract litigation, helping them secure the benefits that they bargained for.

Personal Service From Staunton Contract Dispute Attorney

Success in a breach of contract dispute requires diligent attention to detail and experience advocating in the courtroom. At Eldridge & Nagy, PLC, we bring both of those skills together with a proactive approach that centers on our clients' needs. We work closely with individuals who are seeking both to enforce contracts and those who have been accused of breach of contract, providing aggressive representation that protects their rights under the contract.

We work closely with every client we serve, taking the time to learn about his or her situation so that we can customize our approach to meet that client's unique goals. Our lawyers remain accessible and attentive throughout the legal process, giving clients confidence in their representation and providing the best chance for them to secure the resolution they are looking for.

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