Criminal Defense

There is no more profound impact on an individual than to be accused criminally of a violation of the law. We have successfully defended all manner of cases in this area. He runs his practice with the philosophy of actively preparing every case for trial, but pressing all the while for the best negotiated settlement of the case possible from the prosecutors. The effect of this approach is to obtain satisfactory plea arrangements where possible for his clients, but with a very successful track record at trial for those cases in which settlement is not possible.  The types of cases he has handled include Assault, Burglary, Theft, Forgery, Trespass, Rape and other forms of sexual assaults; Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnapping, Domestic Violence and DUI Defense.  He prides himself in working hard for his client.

Personal Injury

We have successfully represented individuals in million dollar cases, helping them to move on to lives of fulfillment and satisfaction following traumatic injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents. While every case cannot be a million dollar case, we workhard for every client, aiming at a goal of helping his client succeed as much as possible at redressing the wrongs suffered. These cases involve not only opposing drivers or land owners, but sometimes even the injured client’s own insurance company, when it refuses to handle claims in good faith.

Civil Litigation

These types of cases arise out of business and contract disputes, failed business associations, fraud and embezzlement, and disputes over construction work performed and mechanic lien enforcement, and nearly always arise between individuals who once trusted each other. 

Family Law Cases

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